Distractions are expensive—it takes, on average, 23 minutes to refocus from a distraction. If you procrastinate once a day for a month, that's roughly 11.5 hours wasted! I don't know about you, but I certainly get distracted more than once a day and I'd rather not lose anymore of my time, if I can help it.

Introducing Site Blocker

This is why I'm excited to announce Dayboard's new Chrome extension feature, Site Blocker. It'll help you limit distractions online while you still have work to accomplish. Here's what it looks like as it blocks our friend Max on Twitter:

Custom Site Blocking
Dayboard's Site Blocker blocking Max from browsing Twitter when he should be working on his newsletter.

How does it help me?

Website blockers today only help you block sites, which on its' own isn't very encouraging or helpful. We thought this was a great opportunity to really help people refocus and be productive, so we've made things more interactive.

Dayboard's Site Blocker will stop you from wasting time. If you end up on a distracting site, we'll block it and help you get refocused on your work instead. Read the 'Site Blocker on Dayboard Pro and Dayboard Basic' section below for more detail.

How do I use it?

1. Download Dayboard's Chrome extension and add a task you'd like to complete.

2. Go to your extension settings.

Extension Settings

3. Add or remove any distracting websites via your Dayboard extension settings. By default, everyone is blocked from Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Blocked Sites Filtering

4. Set the breaks and schedules you'd like the site blocker to be active. Choose the days you'd want to keep distractions away and dedicate the amount of time you want for your breaks (up to 60 minutes).

5. Now try visiting a distracting site that was listed in your settings. You should see that the website is blocked.

6. Complete all the tasks on your Dayboard or click "I'm done for the day" to unblock the sites and start browsing, guilt free.

Site Blocker on Dayboard Pro and Dayboard Basic

Site Blocker is available to all Dayboard users but there are some important differences between our Pro and Basic versions.

The blocked site on Dayboard Pro:

Custom Site Blocking
A snapshot of what Site Blocker looks like on Dayboard's Pro & Business Plans.

The blocked site on Dayboard Basic (Free Version):

Site Blocking for Free Users
A snapshot of what Site Blocker looks like on Dayboard's Basic (Free) plan.

We'd love your feedback

Give it a try and let us know what you think. If you have any questions about blocking sites or using Dayboard in general, feel free to email us at [email protected]. We're more than happy to help. :)

Not a Dayboard Pro user yet? Upgrade here.

About the Author

Abhi Vair is a full stack developer at Dayboard. She's your classic nightowl, loves late night coffee runs and is always up for a adventure.

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