Due to high demand by some of the teams using Dayboard and wish to integrate their workflow with the popular team messaging app, Slack, we’re excited to announce that Slack integration is now available to all teams.

What is Slack?

Slack is a team collaboration tool that focuses on team communication through messaging with a bonus of sharing all your files in one place. The mission is to get more done, spend less time in meetings, and reduce email.

What Does the Integration Do?

With the new Slack integration, you can get updates of your colleagues' progress automatically sent to a custom Channel — for now a Channel called "Dayboard" is required. This way you can stay in the loop of what everyone on the team is working on without visiting your team's Dayboard dashboard.


You can customize which notifications get triggered and sent to the Channel. For example, you can send a notification to Slack whenever you add a task or complete a task in Dayboard. This piece of information can be useful to keep track of your team's daily progress without spending too much time on status meetings.

Here are the type of updates you can send to Slack:

The goal is to keep the team updated of what's going on without interrupting anyone's day. Effectively it'll help your team stay focused and prioritized on what matters the most — the work.

How to Add the Slack Integration

Note: You must be the account owner for your team to set up the integration.

In your Dayboard account under Settings > Integrations you'll be able to select the Slack integration. Once it is selected, the instructions to set up connection between Dayboard and Slack will appear. You'll also see the type of notifications your team will get in the Channel as well.

Simply follow the instructions given and select the updates you'll like the team to receive, then you're all good to go. Oh, don't forget to click Save Settings or else it won't work.

Getting the Most Out of the Integration

Some of you might be already using our Chrome extension. But for those who isn't familiar with our extension, it's a nice addition if you're looking to stay focused on your work or trying to stay away from distractions. Once installed, it'll replace your new tab page with your tasks on Dayboard every time you open a new tab. Neat right! We know it's not for everyone, so it's okay if it's not for you.

However, the best thing about the extension is that you can quickly add or complete tasks directly from your new tab page. This means if you're already logged in to your Dayboard account and you've completed a task, an update can be sent to your team's dedicated Dayboard Channel on Slack if it's been set up. You'll never have to visit our web app to make an update on your Dayboard — unless you really want to.

It's integrated into your workflow so then you can focus on the work that matters most while keeping your team in the loop at the same time.

Feedback Welcome!

We're always open to feedback. It's the only way we know we're building something that you want and find useful. This is the first of many integrations to come. Give it a try with your team, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions on the next integration. Just send us an email or catch us via our in-app chat!

About the Author

Jennifer Lo is the co-founder and marketing lead at Dayboard. She's always down for an outdoor adventure, good company, and great wine.

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