In the past, you'll need to visit the web app in order to add blockers for your colleagues or see the blockers that's mentioning you. We've been getting feedback that it's a hassle to be always checking the web app and often times people forget to check, so they miss them entirely.

We're happy to announce you can now access Blockers directly on the extension with only one click. Plus, you'll be able see who you’re blocking on your team and address them promptly from the extension — where you’ll be less likely to miss them.

What are Blockers?

Blockers are tasks that you — or your teammates — are stuck on. They may be so critical that they are delaying or preventing a project's progress and needs attention from one or more team members to proceed.

You can assign up to three blockers by @mentioning your teammates’ username — similar to what you would do in Twitter.


Blockers Notification

Once you've added a blocker mentioning the team member(s) you’re waiting on, they’ll receive a notification under their task list letting them know a blocker needs their attention. Only now you can see it in the web app and the Chrome extension, making it harder to miss or forget.

By simply clicking on the Blockers Notification, a pop-up of all the blockers assigned to you will appear. You'll be able to see what are the bottlenecks you're causing and hopefully you'll be able to help the team resolve those as soon as they come up.


Complete Blockers Inside the Extension

Once you’ve helped your teammate resolve those bottlenecks, you can cross the blockers off in the web app or directly from the extension — i.e. on your new tab page.

Blockers are also shared on the team dashboard, so that everyone can be aware of where the bottlenecks are and quickly address them when necessary. The idea is to reduce the time stuck on blockers in order to help the team move forward.


Give it a go and let us know what you think. We think it'll help your team members be more aware of the team's bottlenecks and how to quickly resolve them. We're happy to hear about how Blockers have changed the way your team collaborates. Don't hesitate to email us at all — that's what we're here for.

About the Author

Jennifer Lo is the co-founder and marketing lead at Dayboard. She's always down for an outdoor adventure, good company, and great wine.

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