Were you a big fan of our Chrome extension before creating an account with us, but then suddenly found out all your previous tasks are not moved into your account? I bet that was a sad and bitter experience (and it's definitely our fault). The good news is, you can now import those old tasks you had stored in the extension and sync them in your account!

How do I import?

If you're on the extension, simply go to the dropdown menu from your profile avatar, select Your Profile >> Import Tasks, then click the big green button. Viola! Your previous tasks are now synced with your account.

But if you're not using our extension, you can accomplish this by going to Settings >> Import Tasks, and click on the button.

NOTE: Please be sure the tasks you're importing are the ones you want to sync into your account. Once it's imported it cannot be undone!

Have a question?

We love users asking us questions! Especially if you need help with anything or if you're having trouble with Dayboard. If you have a question, or two, don't hesitate to reach out! Tweet us at @DayboardCo or if you prefer email, it's [email protected].

About the Author

Jennifer Lo is the co-founder and marketing lead at Dayboard. She's always down for an outdoor adventure, good company, and great wine.

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