We started Dayboard with the intention to keep your to-do list restricted to five tasks a day, but as we recieved feedback from you, our users, we know this need to change. I'm excited to share with you, Archive Tasks, where you're no longer limited to five a day.

How to Archive Completed Tasks

You can now archive any completed tasks on your Today list to make room for new tasks you might have for the day. However, you'll still be limited to five at a time. This is built in Dayboard's core mission where we want to help you stay focused without being too overwhelmed and to fight distractions as you work.

By simply clicking icon after you've completed a task, the task will be archived into your history. You can also see it sitting beneath your tasks list if you'd like to review your progress for the day.

Here's a quick video to show you how that works:

Feedback Welcome!

We're always interested to know what features you're anticipating to see available in Dayboard. If there's something on your mind, feel free to share with us in the comments below. We do consider all product and feature requests that comes in.

About the Author

Jennifer Lo is the co-founder and marketing lead at Dayboard. She's always down for an outdoor adventure, good company, and great wine.

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